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When you speak of local landmarks in Waltham, Massachusetts, the name Pizzi’s comes quickly to the lips of residents. Founded 1933 by Domenic and Angela Pizzi, Pizzi Farms has grown up with Waltham’s residents, their parents and grandparents.

In 1965 Richard and Alba Pizzi opened the Pizzi Farm Stand. It was the place to go to get pumpkins in the fall (and candy from those big glass jars if you were really good!).

In 1990 the next generation of Pizzi’s took the reins, as Rick Pizzi and his sister Cheryl opened Pizzi Farm Market & Deli and Pizzi Farm Ice Cream. Summer at Pizzi’s means a cone, sundae, avalanche or twist from the creamery window…eaten quickly before it melts at one of the picnic tables set up outside. Year round, lunch time at its best is a trip to Pizzi’s award winning deli for a sandwich, grilled panini, salad or soup. And if you want to be the most popular person in the office, take some back for your coworkers as well!


What folks are saying about us:


Waltham News Tribune, Reader’s Choice Award-winning Deli & Bakery 6 years in a Row!

2007 Robert & Thomas McNamara Community Service Award

2006 Pat Whitley Restaurant Show, WRKO People’s Choice “Favorite Ice Cream Stand”


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“I learn something new everyday. Cheap ice cream can be found in suburban areas, especially at Pizzi Farm in Waltham. Somewhat hard to find and not well lit, Pizzi Farm is a great ice cream shop.

The sun and heat shone down today so much that my dogs were clamoring to stay indoors. Immediately after dinner, I spotted them laboriously panting in my backyard, and somehow this told me to get some ice cream as soon as possible. I got my butt up and flipped through The Boston Globe Sidekick section and saw the new Best Of Boston section. Pizzi Farm Stand unique name stood out because I lacked previous knowledge of it. While I had a hell of time finding it, it was a treat.”

-The IceCreamology Blog http://www.theicecreamologyblog.com/2007/06/pizzi-farm-stand.html

“Alright kids lets get serious

All those other reviews for the Pizz, don't even bother.

All you need to know is if you want a sandwich fit for a king with a chip and drink selection that is large and well rounded, then you need to be coming to Pizzi Farms at least once a week. Walk in, Grab the menu, and try to narrow down your selection while the line gets closer and closer to the front. If you get up there and don't know what to do, here are some tips. A) The French bread is the #*%^, always get the french bread. B) The Honey Bee Sandwich is my personal favorite but find something that you'd like and make it happen. Everything is good. Seriously. The Chicken Salad with cranberry's and walnuts. Oh yeah, it delicious. C) If you claim to be a real man, you'll get the quarter pound hot dog wrapped in bacon.

Pay the old lady who could be your Gramma, then go sit outside. By then end of lunch you'll be cursing the fact that you have to go back to work and counting down til your next Pizzi trip next week.

5 stars. Pizzi Farms are #1 for life. Best deli ever.”

Greg K., Brighton
Posted on Yelp.com Click here to see more yelp reviews

Got a review or blog entry about Pizzi’s?
Let us know so we can share it with the world! info@pizzifarm.com


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